Paradise Longboards

At Paradise Longboards, we take pride in creating innovative longboards out of the finest materials and components.
Complete longboards, ready to ride. From classic pintails and kicktails all the way through to drop-down downhill boards and handy cruisers, Paradise has something for every longboarding need, whether beginner or pro.

In short: longboards for everyone!

Paradise Longboards was born with the hope of creating every longboarder's idea of paradise. Doing what you love to do, day in and day out. For us, that is longboarding!

If you notice to the right, the pictures that are cycling are our special edition Paradise Longboards with Paris Trucks. We have seven models with Paris Trucks, including the brand new PALB-74P "Prism" drop-through.



Paradise Longboards are made to cater to the widest demographic possible: everyone who loves to ride. And we love seeing our longboards out on the streets and the people who ride them. We strongly encourage those who ride Paradise Longboards to show everyone through social media. Find us on the web and share your longboarding experiences on Pinterest (, Facebook (, or on Instagram (#paradiselongboards, #paradiselongboardco, or #paradiselongboard). See you soon!